Hello, I’m Chris, I’m a creative problem solver. I believe clear visual communication can free people to make positive choices.

Below is a thoughtful selection of projects I’m proud to have worked on. I'm happy to answer any questions at chris@chrisdoes.design

How do you give the fans of Queens Park Rangers a web presence that matches their passion and loyalty?

  • Design, design system

Smart has underperforming sections on their UK site. They have the market research, you have the UX skills: What do you do?

  • UX, design

How do you create a logical design system for Ross Noble, one of the most surreal comedians in the world?

  • Design System

How do you create a modern redesign for the loyal customers of Gaydar?

  • Design, Design System

What if you never shared your photos on social media? What if your photos had no likes or comments? Would they still have any value?

  • Concept, design, identity, branding

Branding: To say so much with so little is arguably the biggest creative challenge a designer faces. Here are ten of mine.

  • Concept, design, identity, branding

My methodical approach to the creative process has been honed over many years. I’ve blended design and UX with a solid technical background to deliver projects across many platforms and devices.

I’m comfortable with new challenges (I developed this portfolio myself from scratch, learning Sass in the process.) I’ve proactively sought out leadership roles to fill gaps between teams and championed innovative ways of working.

An expert in organisation with a genuine enthusiasm for this industry. A delight to work with.” Jade Wilson, Designer
A rare mix of diligence, craft, insight and humour.”
Abhi Dahiya, Product Design Director
Level headed, quirky flare, Chris brightens the office every day with his interesting stories and yellow clothing.”
—Stephanie Hawkes, HR Administrator