Better history

18 August 2014

Map of Europe

Being half Scottish, half English, the ideological view of a united set of countries that share power responsibility is a fantastic one. Its something that we have made work for hundreds of years, very few human beings have ever achieved this.

Without the dividing lines that insight war, hatred otherness, history has given us all the benefits of longstanding peace, as well as all the benefits of a distinct cultural identity (even the Americans don't mix up Scotland and England).

The fact we share things like currency responsibility in the world means we have a shared stake in our future as a single collection of highly connected individuals. We act as an example of how this connection between different groups can really work.

The one thing we, as modern human beings, have achieved that future humans might actually look back to us for is simple, connection: We have beaten down so many barriers, most notably with access to information. This has regularly made a positive lightening fast impact on the negative situations we face.

There are many issues with our hyper connected world none of which are addressed or solved with borders, barriers, hoarding of resources or by keeping secrets from each other. In the digital world these issues are leaned into rather than run away from. Accepting the fear of change, the shock of the new pushing harder into those anxieties creates something better, or at least more accessible for others. Thats how to address the complex problems human beings face.

When lines are drawn, walls put up assets, particularly energy, are hoarded for the few, one thing results. War. All the conflicts that have happened in my life have come down to this pattern of behaviour. Scotland being independent is a drawn line, a barrier, a wall put up. As this prospect is put up to vote in September 2014, the assets we currently share are placed either side of that line.

Identity grows by sharing it allowing it to change, allowing the values purpose to modify adjust over time. Barriers may feel like protection but history shows that individual cultural identity is not served protected with walls barriers. It simply serves an uncrossable line where the very things you are trying to protect wither. It places a beacon to mark where the very thing you are trying to protect can be taken from. A misconception of sharing is diminished value. This simply isn't true. Something valuable that is then shared allows more people to benefit from it increases its value.

In 2009, Obama said to …choose our better history. Although he was referring to America, it applies to everyone. Learn from history. Being united doesn't mean diluting who you are or what you stand for, it means change, growth an increase in value an increase in power for more people. More importantly it means avoiding that other history, of tearing each other apart. Lets choose our better history.