Awesome films of 2015

30 December 2015

Awesome films of 2015

Every year I take a retrospective look at all the films I’ve seen, here I’ve listed those that have been enjoyable, thought provoking & stayed with me well beyond their end credits. These are the best films I’ve seen this year, I’ve focused on films that could have been easily missed, overlooked or over hyped but still worth seeing.


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I was never really into her style of music or her. However, in a tent at Glastonbury, I was happy to watch the documentary & Q&A with Alick & Daniel who were far more interested. To say the environment was not ideal would be an understatement: hot, busy, sitting on a dusty floor for a total of 3 hours while a huge festival buzzes outside left us with pins & needles. Despite all that, this documentary is powerful, moving and insightful, even if like you me, you’re not a fan of Amy Winehouse. I have since listened & re-listened to her music. After watching the documentary, its like hearing it all for the first time, it all makes sense to me now & all the more poignant knowing how it all ends up & how little music is left behind.

Made Max: Fury Road

This is how action films should be: digital effects are used well & sparingly. The whole thing is very physical, moves along at 70miles an hour, quite literally! At the start a bunch of people hop into some cars & trucks, from then on the foot hardly comes off the accelerator.

It Follows

The sound makes this film. The style of filming is a serious nod to 1970s horror. Its simple, dark & foreboding in its content & tone. Its really nice to enjoy a film that has an ending, it down to earth & still strange, fun & interesting. A horror film you can watch with horror & non horror fans.


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An eye opening look into what secrets governments & large companies really have. This is a, politically left leaning, look at Edward Snowden & the things he revealed about the US & UK. I think people who havent made up their mind, who dont understand the technicalities, legal or political issues that these leaks bring up will get the most from this. Consider this a clearly explained lesson & jump off point to many other interesting ideas and view points.


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A ‘tough watch’ is an understatement: A looking into the world of drug taking & sex in London in the 21st century. The gay world is often ahead of the straight world, Grindr was available years before straight people picked up Tinder or thought meeting new people with an app was normal. So this is an unsetting & necessary warning to everyone of an extreme lifestyle that could have very negative affects in the near future.

Inside Out

Again, I watched this film in a less than ideal environment: On a 7inch screen on a plane to the US. Still, I came close to crying. A really impressive film. The trailer makes it looks cheesy & cliche, however, journeying with emotions inside the mind of a young girl is fantastic, something only Pixar could have pulled off.


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A fantastic modern horror. The entire film unfolds on an uninterrupted shot of one characters laptop screen. You watch her jump from Safari, Facebook, email & Skype as their dead friend picks people off. Like new take on the ‘I know what you did last summer‘ concept, but a lot better. This film works really well if you watch it on a laptop alone like I did.

Before you know it

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A wonderful trip with rarely heard voices, this is a A documentary from 2013 about older gay men in different parts of the US. Words of wisdom & courage about life, mistakes, achievements and universal worries & pleasures. No matter who you are, how old you are, you can learn from these people.