Interactive design in retail environments

18 May 2017

Mercedes-Benz retail store

I originally wrote this post for the Your Favourite Story blog and I have given it a more personal twist here.

The future of physical retail environments is digital: With the public very much on board when it comes to smartphone and website experiences, the stage is set to blur the lines between the physical and digital retail space.

I have ben working with Your Favourite Story for Mercedes-Benz to utilise the power of digital experiences across 130 Mercedes retailers as well as various pop up shop retail spaces. With the strategic use of large vertical touch screens, for low information density experiences, and small touch table screens, for more information heavy experiences, Mercedes-Benz has ultimately been able to deliver more personalised and detailed digital experiences that are closely tied to the physical space they occupy.

This post will detail some of the insights I have discovered on this journey.

The initial visuals and calls to action frame the digital experience within the physical space allowing an interplay with both. When done well, this can enhance the experience of the user. By using both digital analytics and qualitative research of user behaviour, it’s possible to to create a strong digital product that can be directly linked to sales.