Saying 'Thank you'

31 May 2017

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It’s free, it’s easy, it’s surprisingly rare and it has a very positive effect on both the individual and the team.

Saying 'Thank you'.

As a designer, you rarely get thanked for your work (at least in my experience). Praise and social validation is not what usually motivates creatives, but saying thank you can have the power to highlight good work publicly and create stronger bonds between people.

Seth Godin alludes to this in the podcast series ‘Start Up School’.

(with regard to setting up a business) “…maybe what a designer needs is plenty of positive feedback, plenty of credit and a regular paycheck. Because those are 3 things graphic designers rarely get.”—Seth Godin Start Up School (21:15)

Weather is the subjective nature of the design process, the timing of creative work in a project or some other aspect of the process: Designers often miss out when it comes to thanks for a job well done.

In the last 2 years I have had 4 thanks you's: 2 in company wide emails and 2 verbally from a creative director. Before that I had had 1 thank you, from my first professional client, while I was still at university.

It may seem like something small, almost insignificant. But for creatives, it’s rare and valuable.

It’s free, it’s easy, it’s surprisingly rare. To unite a team, to make a creatives day: Next time, consider saying thank you.