Spongebob Squarepants, my hero

26 October 2017


Of all lives role models, heroes, characters, of all the people Ive looked up to, admired been a fan of, theres one thats remarkably different from the others, heroic even. He works in a burger restaurant, hes made over £88,000,000 at the box office, he still lives in a pineapple, hes not real, hes not even human! …his name is Spongebob Squarepants.

I'll happy to admit, I am way too old for Spongebob. Although the show first aired in 1999 I didnt take much notice until 2004 when the movie came out. It's amazing: One of the best films I have ever seen and it started a small obsession. Ive watched most of the 180ish episodes, I own several toys, games…I own a spongebob lanyard.

Here's a few reasons why Spongebob is my hero.


If you care about the impact you make in the world, his clear examples on how best to approach the obstacles life places before you makes him a highly accessible role model.

Spongebob really cares about his job: He's a humble fry cook, his money obsessed boss Mr Crabs is awful, Spongebobs fellow employee is a lost cause and he is regularly over looked for promotions and praise. Despite all this, he brings with him a huge amount of enthusiasm energy to the most mundane tasks day after day. He makes his job amazing by being energetic and geeky. Spongebob illustrates that sometimes you get out as much as you put into a task.

Spongebob photo bombs Nicholas Cage in the movie The Weather Man…


Spongebob is relentlessly hopeful and positive: It is really easy to fall into bad habits, you get fed up, you give up before you've even started. It's easy to be super negative about yourself and others. Spongebob is driven by something different, this is something you choose in life, one way of the other.


Spongebob Squarepants has the best work ethic Ive ever come across, he understands the power imagination and fun can have even in the most pragmatic or dull situations. His hope and his positive outlook in the face of disaster coupled with his willingness to try new things, is heroic. We can all learn something from the yellow Sponge. Spongebob really is one of my heroes.

If you havent seen the 2004 movie, I highly recommend it.