How do you generate higher donations to ActionAid UK?

What I did

Web design.


ActionAid UK


Challenging client assumptions in a humble way can reveal new solutions to design problems. Using analitics as a test for designs can give clients a chance to be braver in their decision making.

The project

By challenging the initial assumptions of the charity, more focused solutions were uncovered and this lead to a more informed design system.

A clear target audience was defined in the early stages based on the charities own research. Design choices were made based on the abilities of this audience: Ambiguous design elements like the burger menu were swapped in favour of plain english icons and calls to action that were understandable to the audience.

Poorly performing pages were reworked to support defined user journeys (these often went across social platforms an involved multiple visits to the site). Each user journey ended in either a donation or a higher than expected donationcompared with previous analytics.

ActionAid UK had a remarkable and underused stock library of well documented images. The design aimed to reveal this content more clearly with large image modules that included the associated stories.

A focused, flexible & comprehensive design system was produced and rolled out by the development team over a long period. Social content linked more closely with landing pages. And previously poor performing pages became better at convincing users to make a donation.