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What I did

web design, design system.


Aqueduct, Gaydar.


This project was run using scrums, sprints & atomic design with user stories identifing which elements to create first. Because agile was so well executed, design & development happened at the same time making for a very smooth production.

The project

Using Aqueducts 'co-creation' model, the in-house design and development team from Gaydar worked together with me and the agency front-end developers for 6 weeks of sprints.

By completing the task with an agile approach, the project and work flow was quick without compromising on the quality.

We aimed to create a flexible design system and we produced creative work using atomic design principles. By focusing on atoms and modules rather than screens and pages, many design decisions were made early in the project.

The front end developers built each module as it was designed and because type, colours and spacing were already in place, full layouts were very quick to produce.

"Working in a collaborative approach in the same work space was a great experience and new way of working for us. It allowed us to deliver a MVP on budget, on time, in an agile, no estimates methodology, as well as providing knowledge sharing."—Stuart (Program Director, Gaydar)

Working with atomic design principles and running the project using agile with weekly scrums allowed the production to be very smooth. This approach supported both design and development with problems being addressed daily and weekly. The team, the scrum master and the client had a clear overview of who was working on what and when, where blocks were and a clear idea of delivery timings.

I had a great deal of visibility on process, the organisation and the running of a project and working with Gaydar was very rewarding experience. I’ve since taken these insights and introduced them into other projects.