How do you sell a £4,651 pair of Rick Owens Boots?

What I did

Web design.



The project

Framing the task of design as a solution to a problem (rather than simply an astetic layer) gives you an opportunity to identify and then address a clients underlying goals.

The world of high fashion is equally facinating and perplexing to me. The theatrical nature and high price point allows creative opertunities other industries simply dont have access to. Oddly, this isn't always taken full advantage of with digital products. Rick Owens takes full advantage of this creative opertunity in physical spaces…

Runway shows: He hung the band Winny Puhh from the ceiling of his SS14 show and turned real women into rucksacks in 2015.

Retail: He had a giant statue of himself placed outside Selfridges in London and inside, had an audio visual display in colaboration with the DJ Bytone. In his london store, you will find a cast of his head on a plinth.

I believe the digital touch points could go further to match this level of thetre. The concept I've produced is a starting point to answer the big question: How do you sell a £4,651 pair of shoes?

Using white space and a subverted grid, this concept supports the luxury brand with an industrial look mimicking Owens' boutique stores.

The Rick Owens brand is as much about joining a tribe as it is a personal indulgence. By being both unapologetic & simple, this concept supports the inherent dichotomy this brand occupies: Despite being uncompromising in style & affordability, Rick Owens functions as a gateway to the world of high fashion.