What if you never shared your photos on social media? What if your photos had no likes or comments? Would they still have any value?

For Now, Forever time capsule

For Now, Forever explores ways to subvert the instant sharing of photos on social media. by creating collections of printed photos in time capsules that are then hidden across the UK and never shared any social media channels.

The project has taken on several forms including:

An invite on social media to send me photos as yet unshared to be placed in special time capsules.

An exhibition with the Free Space Project in Kentish Town. Images of the capsules alongside their contents was displayed in a way that kept the photos hidden.

A one off workshop where members of the public were invited to take photos and create message for themselves in the future, these would then be sent to them in 6 months time.

"In a world where everything is expected to be shared instantly, Chris’ workshop asked us to ponder on who and where we might be in six months time." Daniel Regan, Free Space Project

I created a space where I could explore slowing down, removing the metrics and popularity contest of photography on social media. I then delivered this in exhibitions and workshops to allowing other people to explore these ideas in their own lives.

The workshop at the Free Space Project
Kentish Town 'Traces' Exhibition
For now, Forever, time capsule
An expert in organisation with a genuine enthusiasm for this industry. A delight to work with.” Jade Wilson, Designer