How do you create a modern redesign for the loyal customers of Gaydar?

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The head of design, the creative director and the CTO used this project to teach me the Agile process. We used Aqueduct's 'co-creation' model, meaning Gaydars in-house team worked alongside us in the redesign of the dating web app.

"Working in a collaborative approach in the same work space was a great experience and new way of working for us. It allowed us to deliver a MVP on budget, on time, in an agile, no estimates methodology, as well as providing knowledge sharing."Stuart, Program Director, Gaydar

Scrum master John Bown framed sprints around personas, user stories, A fantastically well organised approach. We created a flexible design system based on these flows in the form of a series of atomic components. These were supplied to developers adhoc as they were completed.

“The combined team achieved a huge amount in the 3-month window and believe it was money well spent. We look forward to a further collaboration down the line and I have no hesitation in giving the team my highest praise.”Anthony Robinson, CEO, CPC Connect Ltd

I had a great deal of visibility on process, organisation and the running of a complex project. Working with Gaydar was very rewarding experience for me. Iʼve since taken these insights and introduced them to different teams and individuals in other agencies and given workshops on best practice for atomic design internally at Mercedes-Benz and Your Favourite Story.

Gaydar design system
An expert in organisation with a genuine enthusiasm for this industry. A delight to work with.” Jade Wilson, Designer