Customers can’t find their finance information online. How do you help Mercedes-Benz create a better experience for their users?

Mercedes-Benz Finance: Overview

The problem: Mercedes-Benz had a dependance on costly call centres to answer customer finance queries. With automotive finance products being fairly complex, existing customers were struggling to find the information they needed online, particularly when it came to the steps they had to take to return a leased vehicle.

Research: I read call centre transcripts and explored user testing where I gave people a scenario and a task to complete with the current website for example: ‘You own a Mercedes vehicle and you know you’re coming to the end of a 3 year lease, find the number you need to ring to return your vehicle’.

In most cases the information was available, but it was unintentionally hidden in legal copy with jargon customers were unfamiliar with. I worked with a senior analyst and discovered that customers would need to know the exact name of their finance package to have any hope of finding the correct information. This could be inferred using the Inspectlet analytics tool.

The Solution: This was a pure UX project, the solution would have to work with Mercedes-Benz existing centralised system, OneWeb. I created a sitemap of the current structure of this section of the Mercedes-Benz site to illustrate the changes we were going to make.

I created a question-and-answer diagram with logical steps and sections that would funnel users from a main menu item down to specific information on each finance package.

Using the diagram, I created a new sitemap with reduced complexity and a reduced number of pages. I made sure that the questions and the content were always described assuming the user didn’t know finance terms and would be able to progress through the questions.

At every stage, users are offered a clear set of ‘still unsure’ non call centre options such as the live chat and tailored FAQs that are cheaper for Mercedes-Benz to operate and often have the answers users are looking for.

The Result: Mercedes-Benz reduced call centre costs within a month of the new structure going live and an increase in the use of FAQ pages.

Before/After sitemaps
sitemap, details
Question and answer diagram for Agility: Route A
Mercedes-Benz Finance: Overview
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