How do you champion a user centred approach to design that allows Mercedes-Benz to sell cars online seamlessly?

Mercedes-Benz Online Showroom User Experience

Championing best in class User Experience over multiple years helped guide Mercedes-Benz through the digital transformation process & enabled them to sell cars online more seamlessly. Using personas, flows & a robust test & learn process, the Online Showroom has proven to be wildly successful on multiple fronts.

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The problem Mercedes-Benz lacked a process to create, release & update designs for the Online Showroom. The business logic & user needs were not clearly defined which made testing & design updates very difficult…

A number one priority project” —Gary Savage, CEO, Mercedes-Benz UK
The 2022 Merecedes-Benz all Electric EQA

The solution As lead creative (both UX & design) for the Mercedes-Benz Online Showroom project, I had a pivotal position at the crossroads of business, strategy, design, development & data. I championed UX best practices & a ‘test & learn’ process that allowed all involved to have a meaningful input into the design & build of the project.

We wouldn't have done it any other way” —Carlo Wirth, European Creative Director, Publicis Emil

We shunned formal wireframes in favour of a card sorting process that more closely linked UX & design. Using paper & post-it notes to quickly arrange & rearrange layouts as a team, we were able to reach consensus smoothly &, once a few components were fully designed, I was able to quickly illustrate what those layouts could look like.

Personas These living documents were created & maintained over a number of years based on strategy research, existing customer market research & updated with customer data via call centre logs, online performance surveys & post purchase customer questionnaires.

Flows Easy to understand user flows were created to be referenced by all stakeholders across the life of a feature. Each user centred flow is linked to a persona, a user story & a business goal. Often a hypothesis was used as the expected outcome of the update.

Best in class work” —Global Experience Director, Publicis Emil

Designers & developers were able to use them for wider context & Mercedes-Benz were able to see how a feature would link user tasks together & fit within existing journeys. This was particularly useful where a single flow covered multiple areas of the business.

Test & learn Once a feature had been released, the data would be would be viewed alongside the corresponding flows & hypothesis. This created a feedback loop linking all areas of the project with real data for regular improvements.

Behind the scenes
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The results The Mercedes-Benz online Showroom was publicly launched in February 2020 with a multi million pound TV lead campaign. We were perfectly placed to support the significant disruption created by the global pandemic just a month later. For most of that year, the Online Showroom was the only channel customers could use to buy a car from Mercedes-Benz.

This multi-year, going project gained major attention within Mercedes-Benz UK. Off the back of this significant increase in lead generation throughout the pandemic, Mercedes-Benz made the choice to launch the all new 2022 Electric Mercedes-Benz EQA as an exclusive to the Online Showroom. The project then gained attention at a DaimlerAG where our processes & insights are being implemented at a European level which I helped facilitate.

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Sample User story & Flow
An expert in organisation with a genuine enthusiasm for this industry. A delight to work with.” Jade Wilson, Designer