How do you create a logical design system for Ross Noble, one of the most surreal comedians in the world?

Ross Noble website

The creative director had a defined concept and a list of features with the client. The site was going to act as a branded container for paid video content as well as a single location for all current and legacy information about Ross Noble.

Each of Ross Nobles shows are a one off: no joke is ever repeated. Because of this, his team had a large, unreleased back catalogue of live performances. With DVDs sales on the decline and streaming services highly cost affective, we used Vimeo to support the role out of an unpresidented amount of Ross Noble content.

With free short clips used a promotion on the site for pay-per-view and paid video, fans were able to purchase many unique versions of the same run of shows, something that would never be possible with DVD.

The site itself was going to be technically and visually elaborate, each element would require more crafting than is usual. Prototyping with Flinto and After Effects helped illustrate how the dynamic elements could look.

I created a design system where the client could agree on design elements early in the process while Victor, the head of development, built the site itself. Using Zeplin, we could make these changes quickly and regularly worried less about specific page layouts.

An expert in organisation with a genuine enthusiasm for this industry. A delight to work with.” Jade Wilson, Designer