Smart has underperforming sections on their UK site. They have the market research, you have the UX skills: What do you do?

smart Offers: Sketch file

smart UK were interested in using their extensive market research documentation as a tool to identify underperforming areas of the site and improve them.

The first of these areas was the UK offers section. The completion rate of test drive forms was identified as underperforming.

smart create seasonal online finance offers on selected vehicles. Users can view them and either book a test drive or request a call from a local dealer.

The offer selection process assumed that users understood different financial terms (EG: 'Agility') and these were the defining factor in choosing an offer. There was no way to filter results. There were also confusing technical issues (EG: tapping back on the browser would not preserve user selections).

I took key findings from the market research, my own competitor research and combined it with research into companies who had good online tools for purchasing high value products.

From this I produced several personas that more closely describe the people who were buying new smart cars in the UK (a 2nd or 3rd vehicle by and older market). The personas were used to workshop user stories with the client to describe the tasks a user is required to perform.

Alongside the design director, detailed wireframes and prototypes (Sketch Prototyping and Invision) were created and presented to and agreed by the client.

Work in Progress: Personas
Sketches and ideas
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An expert in organisation with a genuine enthusiasm for this industry. A delight to work with.” Jade Wilson, Designer